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BRRR with Flash Raise

It may sound cold, but the BRRR method of investing can really heat up your returns, provide passive income, and build long-term wealth through the systematic acquisition of rental properties. At Flash Raise Funding, our private loans provide the perfect platform to Buy, Rehab, Rent and Refinance at the speed of opportunity.

Although a BRRR project is a long-term investment, our 6- or 9-month loan term is often the best option. Because a Flash Raise loan will provide funding based on the property’s after repair value (ARV), these loans most often include purchase money as well as rehab funds. This allows you to Buy and Rehab the property faster. Unlike conventional lenders, who require numerous financial documents and must work within strict guidelines, we have much greater flexibility.

Once the property is Rented and Refinanced, the loan is repaid through the proceeds of the refinance loan. Since Flash Raise loans have no pre-payment penalty, you won’t pay anything more to exit the loan and you can repeat this process as quickly and as frequently as you’d like.

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There are numerous options when it comes to funding a BRRR project. A traditional bank loan will often require extensive documentation and a hefty down payment, while a private lender has more freedom to work with the property investor. At Flash Raise, we want to help our investors secure the best loans possible for their needs. If you are considering a BRRR loan, contact us today to learn how we can help.

The Qualification Process

Our decisions on whether to fund a loan are based on equity and not on credit scores, income, or the experience level of our borrowers. We offer very fast response times, and we can conditionally approve loans within 24 hours of submission.

On rental purchases, our loan-to-value ratio is generally at or around 70% of the ARV. Borrowers must have some cash to put into the deal, as we do not offer 100% financing. Loan approvals are issued case-by-case and specific to the property being acquired. A simple proof of funds is used for qualification purposes.

When it comes to qualifying for the refinance transaction, Flash Raise can provide referral resources to ensure the process goes smoothly based on your personal investment history and credit profile. While it does not factor into our qualifying requirements, credit scores, cash reserves, employment status, and investment experience may each influence your ability to obtain a conventional refinance loan.

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