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Commercial properties can be an excellent investment, providing a great rate of return. In general, however, these properties often require greater financial backing and flexibility is key. If you’re going through a conventional lending source, such as a bank, you will have to follow strict guidelines and provide numerous sources of financial documentation. This process can be time-consuming and infeasible when timing is of the essence.

A private lender like Flash Raise will assess the value of the property and base your loan on equity, rather than credit worthiness, income, or the experience level of the borrower. We offer very fast response times, and we can conditionally approve loans within 24 hours of submission. With the flexibility of minimal restrictions, you’ll access commercial capital quicker and easier.

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Options for Commercial Funding

Commercial Investments have a unique set of considerations. Asset class, property type, occupancy status, and property condition are just a few of the variables that can influence your ability to qualify and/or secure funding for these projects. Gaining access to capital at the speed of opportunity is vital.

Private lending from Flash Raise provides an advantage to investors seeking to leverage their money beyond an outright cash purchase. And, in contrast to traditional financing, our loans require less documentation and have fewer hoops to jump through in advance of closing.

We can provide commercial acquisition loans, up to $2M, with or without rehab money to best suit your needs. For projects involving renovation, we will lend as much as 60-65% of the after-rehab value (ARV). For rent-ready, cash flow acquisitions we provide funding as a percentage to cost often as high as 60%.

For those that already own a commercial property and seeking cash-out, or rate-and-term refinancing of existing short-term debt, Flash Raise Funding offers best in class, 5-year balloon terms without pre-payment penalties. Our loan-to-value ratios for commercial refinancing range between 50-65% of as-is value. Flexibility of this kind, without the scrutiny of conventional qualifying, provides our borrowers with exclusive access to business altering capital.

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Exploring Private Lending Options?

Investing in commercial property can provide you with a great return. But the unique nature of these investments requires a unique approach to securing capital. Our loans are more flexible, easier to qualify for, and can be closed more quickly. At Flash Raise, we do all we can to ensure that our clients have the financial backing they need to turn their commercial properties into successful investments. Call or inquire online today.