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These days everyone wants to Flip This House, just like they see on TV. After all, it sounds simple: buy a cheap home, fix it up, and sell it for more. While, flipping properties can be a lucrative business, it can also be a significant financial risk. Flash Raise doesn’t shy away from this risk and provides fast and flexible funding options for flip projects, no matter if this is your first flip, or yet another one for the portfolio.

A flip project is generally a short-term investment, making our 6- or 9-month loan term the best option. Unlike conventional lenders, who require numerous financial documents and must work within strict guidelines, we have much greater flexibility. A Flash Raise hard money loan will provide funding based on the property’s after repair value (ARV). These loans include purchase money as well as rehab funds. Not only is this process faster and smoother, but it also provides a higher point of leverage for the investor.

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Why Should I Choose a Hard Money Loan?

When it comes to financing a flip project, you’ll have a few different options, which typically include paying cash, financing through a traditional bank, or securing private funding. Whether it’s due to the availability of funds, property condition, title concerns, or the closing timeframe, conventional bank money is difficult to secure when acquiring distressed real estate.

Flash Raise Fix & Flip Loans are typically short-term loans. Since you are flipping the home, odds are you are looking to complete the project as quickly as possible. Therefore, you may not need traditional financing which requires a lot more information from the borrower and could take longer to close. With private lending, there are fewer hoops to jump through when compared to conventional financing options.

Our loan amounts are determined by the ARV and allow you to unlock the potential equity of the deal. Flash Raise can often lend as much as 90-95% of the purchase price, as well as 90-100% of the rehab budget, while maintaining an overall loan-to-value ratio of around 70% of ARV. This minimizes the amount of cash required of the borrower and can increase the rate of return for the investment.

Lastly, the loan is repaid through the proceeds of the sale of the home and our Fix & Flip loans have no pre-payment penalty, so you won’t pay anything more to exit the loan once the project is complete.

fix and flip investment loans

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Flipping a home can be a challenging yet rewarding process. When done right, you’ll see a great return on your initial investment. Our experience and program flexibility make Flash Raise the ideal source for your Fix & Flip funding needs. We will focus on the value of the property, helping you save time and end up with a loan perfectly suited to the needs of your project. Flash Raise understands the risks involved when backing flip projects. We work closely with you to ensure that this loan will be the right fit for you. Contact us today to learn more about what Flash Raise Funding can do for you.