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Multi-family investment properties can generate strong monthly cash flow and help investors develop a broad collection of income-producing properties. They can also allow you to build a portfolio relatively quickly, especially when compared to accumulating single-family residences one by one. Multi-family properties include small residential properties with two- to four-units, and larger developments, commercially designated, with five or more units.

Flash Raise provides funding alternatives to investors of multi-family projects large and small. We are uniquely positioned to provide a 5-year loan term with no prepayment penalty on multi-family acquisitions, or refinance transactions with loan amounts up to $2M. This provides our borrowers the ultimate flexibility to acquire, reposition, stabilize, and capitalize on Multi-Family Investments at the speed of opportunity.

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What Are My Funding Options?

Like other investment properties, Multi-Family Investments can be acquired in several ways, which typically include cash purchases, traditional bank funding, and private lending sources like hard money. Compared to the purchase of single-family residences, the amount of cash required of the buyer for multi-family projects is generally higher no matter which avenue you choose.

Flash Raise Funding loans provide an advantage to investors seeking to leverage their money beyond an outwrite cash purchase. And, in contrast to traditional financing, our loans require less documentation and have fewer hoops to jump through in advance of closing.

We can provide acquisition loans with or without rehab money to best suit the needs of the project. For value-add projects, we will lend as much as 70% of the after-rehab value (ARV). For rent-ready, cashflow acquisitions we provide funding as a percentage to cost often as high as 75%.

For those that already own Multi-Family Investments and seeking cash-out, or rate-and-term refinancing of existing short-term debt, Flash Raise offers best in class, 5-year balloon terms without pre-payment penalties. Flexibility of this kind, without the scrutiny of conventional qualifying, provides our borrowers with unique access to portfolio-building capital.

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Securing a Multi-Family Loan

A multi-family property can be an excellent real estate investment. There are various lending options available, but hard money loans are the most flexible, fastest, and uniquely functional.

Our loans are perfect for those looking to renovate or increase occupancy and you’ll be amazed at the customization possible by going this route. At Flash Raise, we love to see investors thrive and portfolios grow. We will help you secure the best multi-family loan for your project. Call or inquire online today.