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Fast Funding

Get funded in a flash with closings in as little as 5 business days.

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Great Rates

Highly competitive rates and terms even with bad credit or no credit.

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Trusted Experts

Twenty years experience and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Flash Raise Funding

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At Flash Raise, we are private lenders who provide investment loans for real estate in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Our loan approvals are asset-based and can be obtained without credit or experience requirements. With a 20-year track record of funding investors and their businesses, we understand the challenges that can come with financing investment properties. When your lending needs can’t be met through traditional financial institutions, we can help.

Our loans are a useful short-term option for those seeking financial assistance to acquire, repair, or flip investment properties of all conditions and sizes. We are also uniquely positioned to provide fast and flexible longer-term, hard money solutions too.

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"Flash Raise has been great to work with. We really appreciate the quick responses and communication. They understand that time is of the essence in real estate. The entire process was a breeze and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with them!

investment loan qualifications

Who Qualifies?

Our decisions on whether to fund a loan are based on equity and not on credit scores, income, or the experience level of our borrowers. We offer very fast response times, and we can conditionally approve loans within 24 hours of submission.

On purchases, our loan-to-value ratio is generally at or around 70% of the after-repair value. Borrowers must have some cash to put into the deal, as we do not offer 100% financing. Loan approvals are issued case-by-case and specific to the property being acquired. A simple proof of funds is used for qualification purposes.

Why Flash Raise Funding?

We are committed to performance, and getting deals funded at the speed of opportunity. There is no loan too small or too large for us to consider. We have the financial means to support most investment strategies or borrower objectives. With Flash Raise as a trusted lending partner, you’ll have greater flexibility with the terms of your loan, fewer hoops to jump through, and you’ll see your money fast.

  • Unmatched service and response time
  • Close in as little as 5 business days
  • Very competitive rates and terms
  • Short- and long-term balloon financing
  • Specific income levels not required
  • No credit minimums, no experience requirements
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loan offerings from flash raise

Flash Raise Loan Offerings

Flipping a home can be a challenging yet rewarding process. When done right, you’ll see a great return on your investment. Our experience and program flexibility make Flash Raise the ideal source for Fix & Flip funding. We focus on the value of the property, helping you save time and end up with a loan perfectly suited to the needs of your project. Flash Raise understands the risks involved when backing flip projects, and we work closely with you to ensure that this loan will be the right fit for you.

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There are numerous options when it comes to funding a BRRR project. A traditional bank loan will often require extensive documentation and a hefty down payment, while a private lender has more freedom to work with the property investor. At Flash Raise, we want to help our investors secure the best loans possible for their needs.

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There are various lending options available for multi-family investments, but hard money loans are the most flexible, fastest, and uniquely functional. Flash Raise loans are perfect for those looking to renovate or increase occupancy and you’ll be amazed at level the customization we can provide. We love to see investors thrive and portfolios grow Let us help you secure the best loan for your project.

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Investing in commercial property can provide you with a great return. But the unique nature of these investments requires a unique approach to securing capital. Our loans are more flexible, easier to qualify for, and can be closed more quickly. At Flash Raise, we do all we can to ensure that our clients have the financial backing they need to turn their commercial properties into successful investments.

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At Flash Raise Funding, we strive to provide the ultimate flexibility to our cash-out borrowers by unlocking equity at the speed of opportunity. With any loan, there are pros and cons to consider, therefore, it is critical to discuss these options with your lender. We are here to answer any of your cash-out refinancing questions.

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