Payoff Request Form

Request a Payoff Loan
This portal is provided to facilitate payoff requests timely in service your loan. All payoff requests are to be made online. No guarantees can be made that alternate methods of request will be handled timely. Please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures below to initiate your request.

Policies & Procedures

  • Payoffs requests can be submitted by the borrower or designated third-party if duly authorized.
  • Payoff requests take 3 business days to process in order to ensure accuracy of trust accounts, daily interest calculations, and any applicable account charges.
  • Generally, payoffs are good for 15-20 days depending on the date of payoff relative to the current pay period.
  • A $30 payoff fee is applicable for each request and will be included among account charges.
  • A statement of account can be provided without fee but cannot be used for payoff purposes. To obtain a statement of account instead of a payoff, please call 800-885-0999 or email…
  • Past due payments, deferred fees, and account delinquency will result in longer processing time.
  • An exact “good thru” date is required for processing. This can be your close date, or an otherwise anticipated date of payoff. All payoffs are issued with per-diem calculations that allow for 5-7 days of flexibility.
  • Once expired, payoffs can be reissued upon request. Reissue fees will apply.
  • Please provide Title Company contact information when applicable so that payoffs can be issued to associated parties timely.
  • Expedited requests are handled at the discretion of the lender and will incur a surcharge of $25 when accommodated.
  • Releases of lien are executed within 30 days, upon receipt of payoff funds.
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